Wall Art & Signs

Here are some of the wall-hung woodworking projects I have made over the years.

Chief Illiniwek Carving – Made in 2013 using my CNC machineChief Illiniwek was once the mascot and symbol of the University of Illinois and appeared at football and basketball halftime shows, but now has been relegated to just a logo for PC reasons.

U.S. State Quarter Map – This was made in 2006 from Wood Magazine plans. Backer and frame are oak, the map and border are maple. There’s room for 2 complete sets of the original 50 state coins – one from each mint (Philadelphia and Denver).

Cue Rack – Made from oak to match my excellent pool table from A.E. Schmidt. The beads are an abacus-like score board for multi-player games.

Dishwasher Sign – A simple little two-sided sign that sits on the counter above the dishwasher.  Made from scraps of oak and walnut.  Dimensions are approximately 4-1/2″ wide by 2-1/4″ tall. When we run the dishwasher, we turn the sign around to the “clean” side until it’s emptied, and then it gets turned around to the “dirty” side.

Neustadt Crest Wallhanging – My mom is from a town in Germany called Neustadt on der Weinstrasse.  The town’s crest is this cool lion/dragon creature, and I thought it would make a neat engraving to try on my CNC machine.  The plaque is made from African Teak.

Rams Plaque – Made by my son and me in honor of our St. Louis Rams football team back in 1999. An old oak picture frame with an oak plywood background, scroll saw work done in walnut and maple.

South Park Carving – Made in 2013 using my CNC machine.  I created g-code that outlines the characters using a 60 degree v-bit. 

Spoon Holder – Someone gave us these ceramic spoons and I made this display using my CNC machine.  Made from walnut in 2013.

Sun Lattice – Made in 2011 from cedar fence slat material using my scroll saw.  Dimensions are 78″ wide by 52″ tall.  The design is based on a floor mat picture I saw on the internet, scaled up a whole lot.  Nice accent to an otherwise boring brick wall outside my front door.

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