Here are some of the woodturning projects I have made over the years.

Bowl – Shown from two different sides.  Made in 2007 from some beautiful spalted wood from the Wood & Shop.

Candle Holder – A woodturning experiment using several pieces of walnut and oak with turned tenons.  Holds votive candle cups.

Candle Sticks – Beefy candlesticks for large pillar style candles.

Inside Out Vase – This is created using an interesting hollow turning technique I read about. The blank is made up of four pieces of wood held together with tape and a turning fixture while the inside is turned. Then the tape is removed, and the four pieces are rotated 180 degrees and glued together. Finally, the outside is turned, revealing the openings that you see into the inside. It’s kind of hard to visualize, but once you’ve done it, it’s pretty simple.

Large Segmented Vase – This was made in 2017 from wood from some old bathroom cabinets that we removed as part of a remodel.  The cabinet were made from solid cherry, a shame to throw away, so they were cut down into segments you see here.  The thinner wood is (I think) maple.  The segments were glued into rings, and then the rings were glued into a stack for turning.  My drill press makes a convenient clamp for holding the rings together.

Poplar Vase – made in 2006 from some poplar I had laying around.

Segmented and Brass Bowl Vase – I don’t have any pictures of the construction of this piece.  The bottom part is a brass bowl that we found at Target for about $10.00.  The top part is a segmented turning also made from those bathroom cabinets mentioned above.  The two parts are glued together with epoxy.

Segmented Vase – Made from 265 segments of ash, walnut, and cherry. Wood was cut into wedges and blocks which were glued together into 24 segment rings. Eleven rings were leveled and glued together in a stack. Entire stack then turned on a lathe. A lot of work, but it yielded a very interesting result. The bottom picture shows some in-process steps.  I used my drill press as a clamp to hold the rings together while the glue dried.

Weed Vase – Made in 2007 from laminated cherry and maple.

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