Here are some of the furniture woodworking projects I have made over the years.

English Garden Bench – Built this in 1990 from cedar. Mortise and tenon construction. It turned gray pretty quickly, so I stained it red to match the rest of my deck furniture. It’s been a while… needs another coat of red stain.  The plans are from my buddy Norm at the New Yankee Workshop. Norm made his from teak, but he has a virtually unlimited budget ;-).  The cedar has held up well.

Coffee Table – built in 2004 from solid oak.  The legs are premade ones from from Rockler.

Entertainment Center – also made in 2004 from oak.  The feet are modified wooden pears that I got from the Wood & Shop.

Table Lamp – Made from cherry.

Piano Bench – Solid oak.  Made in the early 1990’s.  Our piano is an upright grand that was built in 1905 by the Estey piano company.  It survived a tornado and the subsequent water damage in the school where it was for many years.  We bought it from our neighbor across the street at our first house.  I extensively renovated the action with new felts, corks, and leather parts, as well as a couple missing action keys.  Most of the replacement parts came from International Piano Supply (now out of business).  The outside got a good steel-wooling and a new coat of varnish.  I recreated the scrollwork detail on the music stand, which was missing when we got the piano.

Storage Bench – Built in 2007 out of oak.  All mortise and tenon construction, panels are oak plywood, everything else is solid oak.

Storage Cabinet – Built in 2011 using a stock unfinished kitchen cabinet from the home center.  Added oak plywood sides and top.  Edges veneered with iron-on oak banding.  We used this to keep our hot tub chemicals and sandals organized.

Subwoofer – uses a dual 15 inch speakers in an isobaric arrangement, with speakers wired out-of-phase with each other so they don’t fight when driven.  Puts out a nice smooth low frequency sound.

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