Here are some of the Christmas woodworking projects I have made over the years.

Christmas Tree – The lights on our old artificial tree finally gave up in 2017, so we decided to do something different.  This tree is made from pine boards that were stained white.  It gives plenty of space to hang and display our favorite ornaments on the hooks and shelves.

Wreath – I made this wreath using my CNC machine.  The layers are just spray-painted 1/4″ plywood pieces separated with small spacer blocks.

Advent Calendar – We wanted an advent calendar that could hold little candies and other small trinkets, so I came up with this.  The top part is from Michaels – it came unpainted.  The bottom part is made from 1/4″ plywood with 1/8″ plywood fronts and the drawers, knobs, and numbers were 3D printed. 

Music Box – I made this snowman carousel music box from plans from Wood magazine.

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