Phone Charging Base

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 12 Pro Max, which has wireless charging capability.  I decided to get the Yootech Wireless Charging Pad instead of the official Apple MagSafe Charger because it wanted to be able to just pick up my phone with one hand – the Apple MagSafe Charger requires you to pull it off the phone since it’s magnetically attached. Plus, the Yootech unit is less than half the cost of the Apple one, and it comes with a power adapter – Apple makes you buy the power adapter separately. It’s sometimes a bit awkward to get just the phone at the best position on the pad, so this charging base makes the phone sit exactly over the center of the charging pad every time. I printed it using 3D Solutech Natural Clear PLA on my Creality CR-10S 3D printer.  The base is sized to fit my Speck iPhone 12 Pro Max Case perfectly – this case has dimensions of 168 mm x 85 mm.

I have family members who have the smaller iPhone 12 in a Speck iPhone 12 case, and the dimensions of that case is 154 mm x 79 mm. Stl files to 3D print both versions of the bases are on thingiverse.

I also put the Fusion 360 file out on thingiverse so if you have a case that’s not the same as either of these measurements you can open the CAD file and change the dimensions yourself in the sketch – everything in should automatically adjust for just about any realistic dimensions you enter.

There are circles on the bottom of the print that can help with alignment of these self adhesive foot bumpers. I like to use these because it helps the charger not slide around on my night stand, but of course the base will work just as well without them.

Of course, wireless charging AirPods still work fine with the charger in the base too.

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